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Skin Essentials with Paula


I offer all body waxing, tinting, foot treatment, deluxe pedicures and basic manicures. When you come to my home salon, I am able to ensure you receive personalised services with your care and comfort always in mind.

Waxing Strip and Hot Wax

Waxing Strip and Hot Wax

Have smooth hair free skin with our waxing services. I offer strip and hot waxing, and I use the best Australian waxing brands and follow strict hygiene practices that all waxing salons must practice. I will apply before waxing and after waxing skin care. Your skin will be smooth, hair-free with minimal waxing irritations.

From brow waxing to Brazilian waxing I can offer you an expert waxing service so that your skin always looks great. Over time regular waxing will reduce the hair growth on your body as the waxing process of removing the entire hair from the root weakens the hair follicle over time.

Lash Tinting And Brow Tinting

Tinting is one of our most popular services. I can also tint your lashes or brows during another service so you can make the most of your time in the salon.

Close your eyes and let me give you thicker, fuller and darker-looking lashes or tinted and defined brows. Brow tinting goes hand in hand with a brow wax. Brows that are naturally shaped and darkened give a youthful look. I take time and care when designing a new brow shape and tint for you.

Lash tinting is the perfect option in warmer weather when you do not want the risk of smudged mascara. It helps speed up your morning routine if you do wear makeup. Your lashes will already have a base colour that you can leave as is or amplify with a little more mascara.

Lash Tinting And Brow Tinting

The difference between where you
are and the result you desire, is PAULA

Skin Essentials can help you achieve your end goal with our range of treatments and beauty products available.

Basic Manicures & Deluxe Pedicures

Basic Manicures & Deluxe Pedicures

I can look after you from head to toe with our deluxe feet treatments and pedicures. Book in for a basic manicure which consists of a cuticle treatment, filing and shaping your nails.

My Foot Care treatment consists of a foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, nails filed and shaped foot massage. Your feet and toes look better than ever. If your feet need some serious love, our deluxe pedicure will tick all the boxes.

Enjoy the warm foot soak that will soften and prepare your feet and toenails for their makeover. Your feet are pampered with scrubbing and exfoliation to remove built up skin from your feet and around your toenails.

Your nails are carefully shaped and trimmed and once we have your feet looking fabulous I then give your feet and calf a massage making sure your skin is smooth and moisturised.
Then we finish with the nail polish of your choice!

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Massage treatments, Body Scrubs and more. I will soon have you feeling relaxed as I remove all stress from your body.


Beautiful skin starts with a facial. Let’s work out what facial will bring you the skin results you want – Exfoliation, anti-ageing or relaxation.

Natural Therapies

This is where the magic can happen and my clients get to experience beautiful long-lasting results with reiki, ear candling, sound healing and flower essences.